TaromMantaghe cultivars. The highest nitrogen use efficiency was achieved in Fajr cultivar. Shoot dry weight was not significantly affected by increasing CO2 concentration in the second harvest. Shoot dry weight was positively correlated with the concentration of nitrogen but negatively correlated with nitrogen use efficiency. The genetic diversity observed among rice cultivars in response to nitrogen and carbon dioxide can be used in breeding programs in order to improve productivity of agricultural systems under climate change effects.
Key words: Rice, genetic diversity, carbon dioxide, nitrogen concentration, nitrogen use efficiency.

Isfahan University of Technology
Department of Agronomy and Plant Breeding

Evaluation of the Response of Rice Genotypes to Different Levels of Nitrogen in the Nutrient Solution Grown under Ambient and Enriched Air CO2

A Thesis
submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements
for the degree of Master of Science
Saeed Takhti
Evaluated and approved by the thesis committee, on September 14, 2014
1- H. R. Eshghizadeh, Assist. Prof. (Supervisor)
2- M. Zahedi, Assist. Prof. (Supervisor)
3-P. Ehsanzadeh, Assoc. Prof. (Advisor)
4-J. Razmjoo, Prof.(Examiner)
5- A. H. Khoshgoftarmanesh, Prof.(Examiner)
College Graduate Coordinator, M. M. Majidi, Assoc. Prof.
1 Intergovermental Panel on Climate Change
2 Special Report Emissions Scenarios
3 Coupled Model Intercomparison Project
4 Representative Concentration Pathway
5 Outward rectifying K channels
6 Inward rectifying K channels
7 در سلولهاي محافظ روزنه دو نوع کانال آنيوني وجود دارد. کانالهاي آنيوني که سريع فعال و غير فعال ميشوند کانالهاي نوع R نام دارند. کانال هايي که فعال و غير فعال شدن آنها آهستهتر رخ ميدهد کانالهاي نوع S ناميده ميشوند و در زمان غير قطبي شدن زمان جريان يونها از آن بيشتر است.
8 Down-regulation









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